Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Releases for 4/8

     I'm currently working on reviews for both Insidious and Source Code, so tune in for those coming up shortly. (Unlike the review for Red Riding Hood, they actually will be posted.) Super isn't playing anywhere near here just yet...most independent and foreign films take a while to come around the area. So if  indie/foreign films are your thing don't get discouraged, I'm not ignoring them...they just might be a few weeks off.
     Now, about the new releases for the coming weekend. Even though there is a more-than-average amount of national releases, there is nothing really stand-out. Both Hannah and Your Highness look like they could be solidly entertaining, Arthur looks like it could actually be harmful to your intelligence, and the rest of the bunch are just fluff studios are dumping before the summer season kicks into gear.
     What do you think?


  1. I enjoyed the first Arthur--more so when it first came out, not as much nowadays. What saved it was that Dudley Moore had at least some sort of charm, and brought out some sadness in the character. I can't see feeling ANYthing for Rusell Brand other than the urge to kick him in the nuts.
    So I definitely want you to review Arthur. I know it will be absolutely horrendous. I want to know just HOW horrendous--without putting myself through the hell of watching.

  2. I'm honored you've chosen me as your surrogate for this experience. I'm not even sure if Rutger Hauer's character from "Blade Runner" has seen anything quite like this is shaping up to be. I try to be somewhat objective most of the time. I've definitely been surprised by movies I thought looked like repackaged hell. I'm not going to hold out much hope for this though.