Coming Soon To A Theater Near You!

     After seeing releases like The Grey, Chronicle, and Haywire so early in the year, I figured the winter doldrums would pass us by in 2012. I was wrong. We're headed for the third straight week mostly made up of studio waste. How bad can this coming weekend be, you ask? There is a Tyler Perry film and a movie starring Amanda Seyfried being released on the same day. Yup. Be on the lookout for an increase in random nosebleeds and pet-related injury. The only film that interests me, mostly because it's such a crazy hail-mary-out-of-right-field, is Act of Valor. The trailer plays like military recruitment propaganda, a Wal-Mart commercial, and a reality TV-show got locked in a closet and figured the fastest way to pass the time was to get drunk and fool around. I honestly thought it was a new U.S. Navy ad until I realized there was no Godsmack song in the background. If this thing actually puts asses in seats, expect your local theatre to smell like Pall-Malls and broken dreams for a few weeks.
     What do you think of the current string of new releases?

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  1. I'll pass on all the above. FYE has got to have some cheap Dragon Dynasty flick to pass the weekend with. I'll give Hong Kong and Tarantino my money before Tyler Perry sees it.