How This Works

A quick format breakdown for the uninitiated:

After each review I'll cite three films related in one way or another to the film being reviewed. It's pretty self-explanatory but I'd like to avoid any and all confusion.
1. The Good: A movie that is as good as, or better than, the one discussed. If you dig one film chances are you'll dig the other.
2. The Bad: Simply a bad movie. It could be "so bad it's good" or it could be a train-wreck. It's either a movie to stay away from, a movie to laugh at, or something that will make the other film look better by comparison.
3. Door #3: This is a special category tailor-made for each specific film. It's something you should watch if you haven't already. My goal is to reach deep into the unknown and bring you something you might not have known even existed or to shine a light on a work that is criminally under-seen and unappreciated.